Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Customary Leak

Well there was the customary leak!

My world was well understood, thought well out, infallible!

I researched the "T's" and crossed every single one!

If an "I" was left to linger, I Googled it, dipped my crow quill pen into the warm ink of certitude and dotted that Mother Fucker!

I understood all!

I bore the stone of infallibility!

Found your sore spot and slipped Satan's boner in deep, bitch!

You lay there. Tears flowing on your pillow and asked me "Why?!!!"

Why did I take your ignorance, use it for my gratification? Humiliate you and make you small?

The customary leak.

You sprinkled Holy Water on my retched heart. Howled to vacant Heaven to bring me my personal dream of peace. Approached me with every dream your limp god had to offer!

I tried to reason with you and your holy friend.

To smile with you and share our common final days!

But their was the customary leak!