Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Onward Christian Soul!

If I had a soul, it wouldn't bring me forward, to face the faithful! It would help me with my comrades! My friends, brothers and sisters, writhing in the mud of the earth! My soul would share nightmares with complete strangers! My soul would find a lonely faggot, who thought he was destined to the barrel of a gun! And my soul would talk to him with gentle whispers and stroke him and warm him and take what he needed to give. My soul would take a lady of the evening and offer her a cool, restful, sleep!

If I only had one, I would give it away! I would give to the pedophile, who couldn't contain the tragedy he inflicted. The loss he created. The death of his own soul.

If I only had a soul! I would share it with God! God almighty!! I would offer what I had to make him stop.

I would trample on it!

I would spit on it!

And I would bring it to me and hold it! Love it!

I would apologize for being nothing more than human.