Monday, February 3, 2014

James Neel
I left myself for dead!
The windows of my house were open and I saw a dark entity, lurking, laughing, praying for today's gift!
And I gave myself again!
I left myself dead again.
My windows were open! And there I was! The darkest entity of my life!
And I gave myself, again.
I will Paint your eyes in the sky.
I will Paint the sky in your eyes.
I will dare to burn my unspoken words onto the blank canvas of your very last day!

Don't color my eyes with your sky!
Don't lead my eyes in your direction!
Lift me from your canvas! Leave me my last day!

I will cling to your every ignorant thought!
I will break your foolish immortality!
I will promise you, proudly, nothing more than your very last day.

Don't persecute my dreams!
Don't leave me left for dead!
Don't tell me that my last day was merely dead and a figment of my imagination!

I will beg for your friendship!

Let me die in vein!

I will teach you to draw from the well!

My blood will only feed the dead.

I will host the dead!

I will drift among the dead.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Flood

The sky opened and sent the drops of Heaven to meet the pebbles of the earth.
 Liquid nourished seed, pebble, the open tongues of children. Fed the soil, crushed every living soul!
Heaven met the pebbles, with torrents of terror and condemnation. Heaven's sky spread, like cancer, around a lone, blue pebble. And shared the thirst of all His children with His outcast!
Heaven sulked, for 40 days and 40 nights, with foolish, hopeful minions, floating among the debris of creation.
 Minions who knew the depth of Heaven. The weakness of a pebble!
And the pebbles were only pebbles. And only drowning. Only human. Only wondering why?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Digging for Heaven

My knees bore the weight of every inch of my life!

I tried to send that desperate guilt to Heaven and slip, through the keyhole of the back door, like a snake!

But my knees bore the oppressive weight!

I cried for God, Snake, dead Mother, Father, murdered brother, any of Heaven's children to take my pox ridden hand and deliver me to the one, true, place of comfort!

But my knees bore the weight.

My knees dug into the mud of Heaven and begged for an open door. A crack, a crevice, a speck of comfort and forgiveness.

A simple, pox ridden hand, from He who feeds and gives sanctuary, and promise's that bygone days will sleep forever.

But my knees bled for the masses.

I wept for the dear, the deeply loved, the departed. And I fell to my knees.

"He" was above me and was lost in thoughts of vengeance as I crawled. As I hoped, begged, wept for my knees, the masses, the blood that coagulated and found no end to it's weathered, endless and glorious endless universe.

While I sunk to all that is deep an strange.

And bore the weight.

The Day Below Us

The day is gone that was once ahead of us. The day after tomorrow. The day of death and depth!

That day is below us. Sinking to the center of a star!

The day is above us, luring us to come and see! The day of naked death!

Below us was all the glory of sex and donuts. French fries, spoken words, Single hours and poetry left to linger and fade.

Above us nothing floated and nothing gave us the direction we were bread and died for!

The day is above us, below us: gone!

Today it wraps us in its fearful comfort!

It goes away.

And we beg for just one day!

Steal all we have! Lose us in the confusion!

But be another day!

Let us linger another day!