Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Gifted Sycophant

A gifted sycophant lingered on my street corner. She knew that I could spread the kingdom of sexual glory to the chakra's of many powerfully confused denominators! However common they might be! Her fingers tickled my fantasy longings, as she devolved the depths of my deviation. As she plunged to my depths.

We sang and we copulated. Found moist pleasure amongst stiff, rigid, beautiful smoke filled dreams! We spoke in tongues! Deftly, we floated among every flaw we shared and flung away in seconds of ecstasy!

As she polluted MY street corner! My place! My dream! My street corner!

She was wicked, a wench, a putrid rat in a snakes belly! Searching for the glory of my perfect word!

Took MY power! The gold that I had dusted upon fallow fields, unspoken enemies. Meer silly, meek, dumbstruck minion's.

I took precautions and made her prey to me!

She took precautions and led me away from my street corner.

We closed our eyes and did not speak. And she spoke in tongue's. And left me, alone.

Dreaming of only her. Her street corner. And another moment spread between us.