Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lynch Mob of the Gods

I lead a lynch mob to the pearly gates of heaven!

We were filled with the zealous, aimless vision!

Fervor! The means and audacity to chastise the final words of Gods, whose heads proclaimed immaculate visions from the pristine thorns and chains that we, as mere human fucking beings had relegated their silly asses to!

We struck matches and fed limp fire to twigs to burn the dead, final, flaccid gods! God's who dreamt of days when the world was flat, empty, devoid of the breadth and promise of dirt!

Ropes. pistols, hemlock and the experience of brilliant human brains were brought forth to battle the pearly wisdom of tattered, ancient wisdom!

I lead a lynch mob! Angry. hungry! Full of death to every foolish idea!

And the foolish chose to wait. At the dark, tepid, night of gates to the north. Gates to the south. Gates above pistols, hemlock and brilliant human brains.

So you and I could swim in the shit of God's plan.