Monday, February 3, 2014

James Neel
I left myself for dead!
The windows of my house were open and I saw a dark entity, lurking, laughing, praying for today's gift!
And I gave myself again!
I left myself dead again.
My windows were open! And there I was! The darkest entity of my life!
And I gave myself, again.
I will Paint your eyes in the sky.
I will Paint the sky in your eyes.
I will dare to burn my unspoken words onto the blank canvas of your very last day!

Don't color my eyes with your sky!
Don't lead my eyes in your direction!
Lift me from your canvas! Leave me my last day!

I will cling to your every ignorant thought!
I will break your foolish immortality!
I will promise you, proudly, nothing more than your very last day.

Don't persecute my dreams!
Don't leave me left for dead!
Don't tell me that my last day was merely dead and a figment of my imagination!

I will beg for your friendship!

Let me die in vein!

I will teach you to draw from the well!

My blood will only feed the dead.

I will host the dead!

I will drift among the dead.