Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Flood

The sky opened and sent the drops of Heaven to meet the pebbles of the earth.
 Liquid nourished seed, pebble, the open tongues of children. Fed the soil, crushed every living soul!
Heaven met the pebbles, with torrents of terror and condemnation. Heaven's sky spread, like cancer, around a lone, blue pebble. And shared the thirst of all His children with His outcast!
Heaven sulked, for 40 days and 40 nights, with foolish, hopeful minions, floating among the debris of creation.
 Minions who knew the depth of Heaven. The weakness of a pebble!
And the pebbles were only pebbles. And only drowning. Only human. Only wondering why?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Digging for Heaven

My knees bore the weight of every inch of my life!

I tried to send that desperate guilt to Heaven and slip, through the keyhole of the back door, like a snake!

But my knees bore the oppressive weight!

I cried for God, Snake, dead Mother, Father, murdered brother, any of Heaven's children to take my pox ridden hand and deliver me to the one, true, place of comfort!

But my knees bore the weight.

My knees dug into the mud of Heaven and begged for an open door. A crack, a crevice, a speck of comfort and forgiveness.

A simple, pox ridden hand, from He who feeds and gives sanctuary, and promise's that bygone days will sleep forever.

But my knees bled for the masses.

I wept for the dear, the deeply loved, the departed. And I fell to my knees.

"He" was above me and was lost in thoughts of vengeance as I crawled. As I hoped, begged, wept for my knees, the masses, the blood that coagulated and found no end to it's weathered, endless and glorious endless universe.

While I sunk to all that is deep an strange.

And bore the weight.

The Day Below Us

The day is gone that was once ahead of us. The day after tomorrow. The day of death and depth!

That day is below us. Sinking to the center of a star!

The day is above us, luring us to come and see! The day of naked death!

Below us was all the glory of sex and donuts. French fries, spoken words, Single hours and poetry left to linger and fade.

Above us nothing floated and nothing gave us the direction we were bread and died for!

The day is above us, below us: gone!

Today it wraps us in its fearful comfort!

It goes away.

And we beg for just one day!

Steal all we have! Lose us in the confusion!

But be another day!

Let us linger another day!

The Dirt of Rainbows

I stepped among the morning dew, and knew the true color of rainbows!

Rain traveled, in streams, multicolored drops, as the Sun found the beauty of the color of the atmosphere.

And the dew disappeared.

And the colors bounced, sang, found secret homes to illuminate.

Bright luminescence found every detail of the world, even tears of joy.

But I found shelter with moles.

With worms.

I ate acorn's in the bows of majestic oaks.

In the blackest space on earth.

A tree, who reached for the life if light!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Customary Leak

Well there was the customary leak!

My world was well understood, thought well out, infallible!

I researched the "T's" and crossed every single one!

If an "I" was left to linger, I Googled it, dipped my crow quill pen into the warm ink of certitude and dotted that Mother Fucker!

I understood all!

I bore the stone of infallibility!

Found your sore spot and slipped Satan's boner in deep, bitch!

You lay there. Tears flowing on your pillow and asked me "Why?!!!"

Why did I take your ignorance, use it for my gratification? Humiliate you and make you small?

The customary leak.

You sprinkled Holy Water on my retched heart. Howled to vacant Heaven to bring me my personal dream of peace. Approached me with every dream your limp god had to offer!

I tried to reason with you and your holy friend.

To smile with you and share our common final days!

But their was the customary leak!

Onward Christian Soul!

If I had a soul, it wouldn't bring me forward, to face the faithful! It would help me with my comrades! My friends, brothers and sisters, writhing in the mud of the earth! My soul would share nightmares with complete strangers! My soul would find a lonely faggot, who thought he was destined to the barrel of a gun! And my soul would talk to him with gentle whispers and stroke him and warm him and take what he needed to give. My soul would take a lady of the evening and offer her a cool, restful, sleep!

If I only had one, I would give it away! I would give to the pedophile, who couldn't contain the tragedy he inflicted. The loss he created. The death of his own soul.

If I only had a soul! I would share it with God! God almighty!! I would offer what I had to make him stop.

I would trample on it!

I would spit on it!

And I would bring it to me and hold it! Love it!

I would apologize for being nothing more than human.
Well, I'm goin' ta Heaven next Tuesday. Some Christian sold his soul on e-bay an I bought it for 39 bucks! Free shipping! He needed bus fare to see his Mom, who was dying of gout, or a broken heart, or something.

So, I told him! Man you gotta sign that sum bitch in blood, dude! Cause it ain't no good, if you don't! So, he did an I got it here.

So, I did a lot of research on "Coast to Coast" an all them places an was able to buy this vial of fairy dust. It's the real stuff. Real sparkly! It was real expensive, but it's Heaven right!

So! Next Tuesday! Puttin" the old 45 in my mouth and headed for the promised land!

Just wanna thank the folks at E-bay, and the dude who lost his soul to help his Momma! Maybe God'll give him a break! I don't know about that stuff.

But his Mom'll be happy and all. Not dead.

Cause of us an' how we worked it all out real smart.

If God wasn't up there, just think how lost we'd be!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lynch Mob of the Gods

I lead a lynch mob to the pearly gates of heaven!

We were filled with the zealous, aimless vision!

Fervor! The means and audacity to chastise the final words of Gods, whose heads proclaimed immaculate visions from the pristine thorns and chains that we, as mere human fucking beings had relegated their silly asses to!

We struck matches and fed limp fire to twigs to burn the dead, final, flaccid gods! God's who dreamt of days when the world was flat, empty, devoid of the breadth and promise of dirt!

Ropes. pistols, hemlock and the experience of brilliant human brains were brought forth to battle the pearly wisdom of tattered, ancient wisdom!

I lead a lynch mob! Angry. hungry! Full of death to every foolish idea!

And the foolish chose to wait. At the dark, tepid, night of gates to the north. Gates to the south. Gates above pistols, hemlock and brilliant human brains.

So you and I could swim in the shit of God's plan.

A Gifted Sycophant

A gifted sycophant lingered on my street corner. She knew that I could spread the kingdom of sexual glory to the chakra's of many powerfully confused denominators! However common they might be! Her fingers tickled my fantasy longings, as she devolved the depths of my deviation. As she plunged to my depths.

We sang and we copulated. Found moist pleasure amongst stiff, rigid, beautiful smoke filled dreams! We spoke in tongues! Deftly, we floated among every flaw we shared and flung away in seconds of ecstasy!

As she polluted MY street corner! My place! My dream! My street corner!

She was wicked, a wench, a putrid rat in a snakes belly! Searching for the glory of my perfect word!

Took MY power! The gold that I had dusted upon fallow fields, unspoken enemies. Meer silly, meek, dumbstruck minion's.

I took precautions and made her prey to me!

She took precautions and led me away from my street corner.

We closed our eyes and did not speak. And she spoke in tongue's. And left me, alone.

Dreaming of only her. Her street corner. And another moment spread between us.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

There was a broken corner in my tiny room. I found it and I crawled into it. Into the depth of the universe. And I slept with the peace of the universe. And my dream created a bridge. I floated to see it revealed beneath my swollen feet. I saw it float below my frozen feet. I wanted to touch the bridge, to see where it would lead! It could have lead anywhere! It might have had me stride to the back of all creation and answered all my lovely, poignant, beautiful questions! It could have marked me as a worthy soul! But I couldn't reach it, caress it have it envelope me. But I have my broken corner. Where I hide. In my tiny room.
I was a spider, in a closet, dangling webs, top to bottom, left and right. I left no corner uncovered and no fellow insect a door! No escape! My closet was my kingdom and no putrid creature would climb to the height of my closed, closet world! My spotless domain! The life and world I found at birth. The vacant space I shaped and painted with my own brush!
Every web was a golden thread behind me! Every victim shed it's wine into the chalice of my student's kingdom. My student's branched off, clinging to the web, as disciples must do. And we met! In the sanctuary of our closet! Broaching the Void, for future students, who would share the luminous void of our vacant closet.
I was found, facedown, on the universal cross

Grains of wooden Heaven filled my corpse with decades of dreams of pearly gates, sunny days and a nice dinner with Jesus!

Me, facedown and him praising his fathers stars! Until Jesus found me! Facedown on the same cross his daddy had made for him!

We, Jesus and I, shared a cheeseburger and fries. As he removed the nails from the universal cross and turned me over to face the cryptic world his father had spread upon the Earth, like a virus.

We cried, hugged, shared!

Then we called "Social Services" and had the Lord, Our God, arrested for child abuse.